How to Build a Startup by Steve Blank Group A

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Next, we introduce you to “How to build a startup” by Steve Blank. An introduction to his customer development process, Steve provides insight into the critical steps needed to build a successful business model.

The main idea of this course is to learn how to rapidly develop and test ideas by gathering customer and marketplace feedback. Many startups fail by not validating their ideas early on with real-life customers. 

To mitigate that, students will learn how to get out of the building and search for the actual pain points and unmet needs of customers. Only with these can the entrepreneur find a proper market and establish a suitable business model.

Building a startup is not simply creating an execution plan for a business model that the entrepreneur thinks will work, but rather, a search for the actual business model itself.

The VMT embraces Steve’s methods and encourages our startups to follow the Lean Launchpad process when starting their business. We’ve woven the Lean Launchpad into our processes when working with startup founders. Start with Lesson 1: Before you get started and the first five topics (videos) of Lesson 2: What we now know. This course is available for free on



Go to’s, How to Build a Startup.


Once at Udacity, press Start Free Course


Register for a free Udacity account.


Watch Lesson 1: Before you get started (Runtime 11 minutes)
and the first five topics (videos) of Lesson 2: What we now know (Runtime 11 minutes). Which topics (videos)?


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