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The Venture Mentoring Team

Working with startups and small businesses to refine their business models.

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How VMT Works

About The Venture Mentoring Team

The Venture Mentoring Team (The VMT) is a nonprofit educational 501(c)(3) dedicated to fostering the startup community by training and credentialing Mentors and then connecting them with the best and brightest entrepreneurs to help startups reach their full potential.

We are experienced executives and entrepreneurs in corporate, legal, academic, profit and not for profit organizations that donate our time and talent. Our goal is to help the startups gain sustainability and traction.

The VMT helps STARTUPS refine their pitch decks, determine product-market fit, design a minimum viable product, and address any needs toward launching a profitable business.

We work with SMALL BUSINESSES to help owners set goals, prioritize, and accomplish their most important objectives in order to scale and reach new heights.

Our MENTORS are successful executives and entrepreneurs with experience in corporate, legal, academic, profit, and not-for-profit organizations who donate time and talent.

We act as a connecting tissue with many COMMUNITY PARTNERS bringing together organizations, educational institutions, incubators, accelerators programs, investors, and more.

Over 1000 SPEAKERS have presented to our mentors since 2017. These include business leaders, attorneys, educators, and heads of various programs.

Our Mentors

All our mentors are volunteers who offer their time and talent to help startups and small businesses. They have been fully vetted and trained in our mentoring process.

Why Startups & Small Businesses Work with Us

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“The Venture Mentoring Team Mentors; they are amazing! The best thing that could have happened to HealthSnap. They truly care about the growth of the companies, selective with companies they choose to volunteer their time, the mentors are highly experienced and it’s as if we had a board of highly skilled executives that are giving us guidance. They come from an altruistic direction and it’s evident. They have really developed our confidence for higher level corporate enterprise deals and we have some big corporate deals in the pipeline that we know we can count on them to guide us on and to foresee any pitfalls, etc.. They take pride in our wins as part of our team. Love them to pieces… Our HealthSnap mentors are Bob Nelson, Jonathan Fichman (our lead mentor), Mary Ann Knaus, Andrew Simkovsky, Ron Rosenzweig, John Sory and Steven Barnett.” 

-Yenvy Truong CEO, Co-Founder

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