Our team of dedicated mentors embodies a deep respect for entrepreneurship, and many of us are successful entrepreneurs.  All of us are productive in our fields and eager to share helpful knowledge and experience with others, fostering a stronger economy and contributing to better quality of life for all.

Siri Terjesen

VMT Mentor

Professor and Associate Dean, Research and External Relations

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Bernardo Wolfson

VMT Membership Committee

Founder & CEO Realize, LLC / Executive Coaching & Consulting

Alice Morrison

VMT Membership Committee

Chief Executive, Paladin Energy and Technology, LLC

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Hartmut Junghahn

VMT Membership Committee

Founder, HJ Boutique Consulting LLC

Scott Rivello

VMT Mentor

Senior Global Client Service Partner, Ernst & Young

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Robert Rubin

VMT Membership Committee

CEO, Skypatrol

Andrew Parry

VMT Mentor

VP IT, App Development and Support

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Steve Fales

VMT Mentor

President, Praeter Advisory

Andy Kaplan

VMT Membership Committee

Chief Financial Officer, DonorsChoose.org

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