The VMT assists Community Partners of all types who are engaged in every facet of the startup and small business community. We become the connective tissue between incubator and accelerator programs, educational programs, mentors and mentor trainers, angel investors, venture capitalists, and more. This network branches out in a multitude of directions, creating positive impacts vastly surpassing the simple sum of their individual parts.

For example, we provide mentors and subject matter experts to our Community Partners at no charge, making the Partners’ programs more effective. We identify companies which meet the criteria of investors in our orbit, and then make introductions. Likewise, when investors are approached by companies which have potential but are not yet ready for funding, those investors regularly refer the companies to The VMT. Often the two parties get together again at a later date.

For programs which provide grants to startups and small businesses, we add the all-important element of mentoring from successful corporate and entrepreneurial professionals in all areas of business, thus creating a significant multiplier worth far more than the dollars alone.

We also look to our Community Partners to provide potential mentors to us for training and to possibly join our team. As these altruistically inclined individuals go through our program, they are not only able to mentor startups and small businesses themselves, but they then perform their roles with a new, more entrepreneurial mindset.

The Venture Mentoring Team as an organization, and many of our mentors individually, are currently involved in serving a host of Community Partners as well. Contributions to these programs include assistance with pitch preparation, subject matter expertise, competition judging, committee membership, introduction to resources, and so much more. 

Truly, The VMT’s involvement with our Community Partners has win-win-win benefits all around.

For more information about becoming a VMT Community Partner, reach out to us on our Contact page.