All of our mentors are volunteers who offer their time and talent on a purely altruistic basis to help startups and small businesses. They have been fully vetted and trained in our mentoring process. Their efforts have helped countless entrepreneurs create positive impacts in the communities we serve. Many of the entrepreneurs we’ve mentored have themselves become mentors later, paying it forward with positive results that will extend far into the future.

Bob Nelson

Co-Founder & CEO
The Venture Mentoring Team

Tom Mersch

Partner, Kelley Kronenberg

Jim Ryan


Terence Bentley

Founding Mentor
Co-Director of Mentor Development

Howard McCarley

VMT Mentor
Co-Director of Mentor Development

Terri-Ann Brown

Director of Community Development
VMT Membership Committee

Farrell Foster

Director of Diversity
VMT Membership Committee

Bob Dakin

Chairman, Membership Committee
Principal, BD Consulting

Mike Giallombardo

VMT Mentor
CEO & Founder, Total Intelligence Group

Sandi Finn

VMT Membership Committee
Founding Partner, EdgeCraft Advisors

Alice Morrison headshot

Alice Morrison

VMT Membership Committee
Chief Executive, Paladin Energy and Technology, LLC

Geno Valdes headshot

Geno Valdes

Founding Mentor
Co-Director of Mentor Engagement

Chris Houghtaling headshot

Chris Houghtaling

VMT Mentor
Co-Director of Mentor Engagement

Robert Rubin headshot

Robert Rubin

VMT Membership Committee
CEO, Skypatrol

Shirley Mehta headshot

Shirley Mehta

VMT Membership Committee
Trusted Global Financial Executive

Bernardo Wolfson headshot

Bernardo Wolfson

VMT Membership Committee
Founder & CEO REALIZE, LLC- Executive Coaching and Consulting

Wally Reams headshot

Wallace Reams

VMT Membership Committee
C-Level Pharmaceutical Executive- Board Member Sharebite Inc.

Claudia Panfil headshot

Claudia Panfil

VMT Membership Committee
Brand Builder

Andrew Simkovsky headshot

Andrew Simkovsky

VMT Membership Committee
Director of Information Technology, Excel Impact, LLC.

Andy Kaplan headshot

Andy Kaplan

VMT Membership Committee
Chief Financial Officer,

Bill Kofahl headshot

Bill Kofahl

VMT Membership Committee
Human Resources Executive

Jack Chadam headshot

Jack Chadam

Founding Mentor
Director, CBIZ MHM, LLC

Scott Kinnear headshot

Scott Kinnear

VMT Membership Committee
C-Level Operations, Technology and Product Executive

Daniel Alberttis headshot

Daniel Alberttis

VMT Membership Committee
Member of the Board, Quantum Foundation

Dr. Jay Reubens headshot

Jay Reubens

VMT Membership Committee
Founder, safeHands, LLC

Christian Rotter headshot

Christian Rotter

VMT Membership Committee
CEO & Co-Founder, Crowd Capital

Hartmut Junghahn headshot

Hartmut Junghahn

VMT Membership Committee
Founder, HJ Boutique Consulting LLC

Monica Van Tassel headshot

Monica Van Tassel

Founding Mentor
Sr. Wealth Director, BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Rafael Garzon headshot

Rafael Garzon

VMT Mentor
VP of Revenue, Cielo Enterprise Solutions

Bryan Herde headshot

Bryan Herde

The VMT Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Digital Strategy Consultant

Asoka Veeravagu headshot

Asoka Veeravagu

Founding Mentor
VP of Product & Experience, Refraction, Al.

Abdul Muhammad II headshot

Abdul Muhammad II

VMT Mentor
Founder & Chief Growth Office, MDM Ventures

Maria Perrin headshot

Maria Perrin

Founding Mentor
Co-Founder, Principal, Gide, LLC.

Jackie Reeves headshot

Jackie Reeves

VMT Title
Managing Director, Bell Rock Capital

Lauren Harper headshot

Lauren Harper

VMT Mentor
Founding Director, Social Venture Partners Miami

Erin Curran headshot

Erin Curran

Founding Mentor
Patent and Trademark Attorney, Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

Matthew Thompsom headshot

Matthew Thompson

Founding Mentor
Partner, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough

Clay Williams headshot

Clay Williams

Founding Mentor
CEO, Achieve

Stephen Barnett headshot

Stephen Barnett

Founding Mentor
Managing Partner, WhiteKnight Solutions, LLC

Timeesha Duncan headshot

Timeesha Duncan

VMT Title
Experiential Consultant, The Duncan Agency, LLC

Dennis Custage headshot

Dennis Custage

Founding Mentor
Principal, Liquid Capital

Hillary Matchett headshot

Hillary Matchett

Founding Mentor
Chief Development Officer,

Siri Terjesen headshot

Siri Terjesen

VMT Mentor
Professor and Associate Dean, Research and External Relations

Bridgette King headshot

Bridgette King

Founding Mentor
Principal, Get The Scoop, Inc.

Jennifer Hudson headshot

Jennifer Hudson

VMT Mentor
President, ThinkBeyond Public Relations

Ron Rosenzweig headshot

Ron Rosenzweig

Founding Mentor

Julia Aquino Serrano headshot

Julia Aquino-Serrano

VMT Mentor
Founder & CEO, All Systems Grow

N.K. Trip Tripathy headshot

N.K "Trip" Tripathy

VMT Mentor
Business Advisor

Mary Ann Knaus headshot

Mary Ann Knaus

VMT Mentor
Founder, Aquarius Group

Enrique Triay headshot

Enrique Triay

VMT Mentor
Venture Consulting Manager, University of Miami- The Launch Pad

Claudio Sorrentino headshot

Claudio Sorrentino

VMT Mentor
CEO & Founder, Body Details

Joel Gandaro headshot

Joel Gandara

VMT Mentor
CEO, Morro Capital, LLC

Nina Segura headshot

Nina Segura

VMT Mentor
CEO, Metaspire Consulting

Kate Sackman headshot

Kate Sackman

VMT Mentor
CEO & Founder, The Zenovation Group

Andrew Parry headshot

Andrew Parry

VMT Mentor
VP IT, App Development and Support

Shlomi Ron headshot

Shlomi Ron

VMT Mentor
CEO, Visual Storytelling Institute

Hinda Miller headshot

Hinda Miller

VMT Mentor

Carlos Blanco headshot

Carlos Blanco

VMT Mentor
Sr. Director Channel Sales & Alliances, Dynatrace

Alex Arguelles headshot

Alex Arguellas

VMT Mentor
Founder, Hybrid Ventures

Dr. Christopher Noe headshot

Dr. Christopher Noe

VMT Mentor
Founder & CEO, CNoeLimits, LLC

Stephen Kelley headshot

Stephen Kelley

VMT Mentor
President & CXO, RedCap Automotive Technology

Ariana Pareja

Ariana Pareja

VMT Mentor
President & Co-Founder, Pareja Family Foundation

Lenny Chesal headshot

Lenny Chesal

VMT Mentor
Chief Evangelist,

Thomas Choberka headshot

Thomas Choberka

VMT Mentor
Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Kelley Kronenberg

Shawn Berg headshot

Shawn Berg

VMT Mentor
Chief Digital Officer, MarineMax, Inc.

Jonathan Fichman headshot

Jonathan Fichman

VMT Mentor
Managing Director/Founder, Kabot Advisors

Sal Arena headshot

Sal Arena

VMT Mentor
Sales Director, IEEE Globalspec Inc.

Robert Lins headshot

Dr. Robert Lins

Founding Mentor
Orthopedic Surgeon, The Center for Bone & Joint Surgery

Maria Gutierrez

Maria Gutierrez

VMT Mentor
Sr. Manager Internal Controls, Office Depot

Greg Gould headshot

Greg Gould

VMT Mentor
Sr. Advisor and Board Member

Jim Hatlan headshot

Jim Hatlan

VMT Mentor
President & CEO, Sonivate Medical, Inc.

Laurie Carson headshot

Laurie Carson

VMT Mentor
Strategic Sales Executive

Dennis Day headshot

Dennis Day

VMT Mentor
Principal Advisor, H&CO, LLP

Craig Davis headshot

Craig Davis

VMT Mentor
CEO, Vet Organics

Suzanne Phelps headshot

Suzanne MV. Phelps

VMT Mentor
Marketing Strategist

Jim Black headshot

Jim Black

VMT Mentor
Product Technology and Business Executive

Greg Taffet headshot

Greg Taffet

VMT Mentor
Partner, Taffet Associates

Alan Stanford headshot

Alan Stanford

VMT Mentor
Chief Financial Officer, Azorra Aviation

Johnny Daswani headshot

Johnny Daswani

VMT Mentor
Founder & CEO, Alpha Street, Inc.

Graham Williams headshot

Graham Williams

VMT Mentor
Entrepreneur & Advisor

Madeline Aufseeser headshot

Madeline Aufseeser

VMT Mentor
Managing Partner, The K-Pay Group

Mike DeLuca headshot

Mike DeLuca

VMT Mentor
IP Counsel, NextEra Energy, Inc.

Kelley Castell headshot

Kelley Castell

VMT Mentor
COO, Bluefin Payment Systems

Frank_Barbato headshot

Frank Barbato

VMT Mentor
CEO, Third Wave Technology

Daniel Kvarnberg headshot

Daniel Kvarnberg

VMT Mentor
Managing Partner, Physician Advisory Solutions

David Hartmann headshot

David Hartmann

VMT Mentor
Founder & CEO, The SilverLogic

Ali Ansari headshot

Ali Ansari

VMT Mentor
Director, Marcum

Jeff Rinkus headshot

Jeff Rinkus

VMT Mentor
Founder, Billionize Your Business

Shari Roth headshot

Shari Roth

VMT Mentor
Executive Coach

Tom Wicky headshot

Tom Wicky

VMT Mentor
Founder, MyFBAPrep

Aaron Chavez headshot

Aaron Chavez

VMT Mentor
Partnet, Argent Strategies

Michael Mahler headshot

Michael Mahler

VMT Mentor
Strategy and Business Transformation Professional

Sue Romanos headshot

Sue Romanos

VMT Mentor

Pamela Rauch headshot

Pamela Rauch

VMT Mentor
Vice President, External Affairs and Economic Development, FPL

Jason Mandel headshot

Jason Mandel

VMT Mentor
President, Sky Gem Advisors

Raimundo Diaz headshot

Raimundo Diaz

VMT Mentor
SR. VP, Global Head of International Corporations, Auxadi

Luis Murguia headshot

Luis Murguia

VMT Mentor
Managing Partner, Murguia Associates LLC

Richard Chimelis headshot

Richard Chimelis

VMT Mentor
Founder/CEO, Captiva Companies, LLC

Don Hidalgo Gato headshot

Don Hidalgo-Gato

VMT Mentor
Lawyer, Business Consultant, Investor

Emily Berlin headshot

Emily Berlin

VMT Mentor
Consultant, SoEnergy International

Shannon Hunter headshot

Shannon Hunter

VMT Mentor
VP-Merchandising Operations & Sustainability, Office Depot

Javier Figueras headshot

Javier Figueras

VMT Mentor
Senior Manager- Strategy & Growth, Global Alliances

Michael Wills headshot

Michael Wills

VMT Mentor
President & Founder, Top Line Solutions

Shana Ostrovitz headshot

Shana Ostrovitz

VMT Mentor
Executive Director, 1909

Paul Adkins headshot

Paul Adkins

VMT Mentor
Chairman, Florida Peninsula

Joachim Haubold headshot

Joachim Haubold

VMT Mentor
President , Neo-Ventura Investments LLC

Christine Arnholt headshot

Christine Arnhold

VMT Mentor
Managing Partner, BrandCraft Consumer Strategy

Lionel Tapiero headshot

Lionel Tapiero

VMT Mentor
Account Executive, FinTech and Marketplace Lending

Barbara Shrut headshot

Barbara Shrut

VMT Mentor
President, SLB Advisors

Katie Nowak headshot

Katie Nowak

VMT Mentor
Founder & Principal, Kanvas

Benito Varela headshot

Benito Varela

VMT Mentor
COO, Impruven LLC

Steve Fales headshot

Steve Fales

VMT Mentor
President, Praeter Advisory

Zain Mahmood headshot

Zain Mahmood

VMT Mentor
Founder & CEO, Florida Social Capital

Pam McCormick headshot

Pam McCormick

VMT Mentor
B2B, Office Depot

Imran Siddiqui headshot

Imran Siddiqui

VMT Mentor
Associate Vice President, Broward College Entrepreneurship Experience (BCeX)

Enrique Gomez headshot

Enrique Gomez

VMT Mentor
Head of Operations, Samson & Surrey

Mike McFall headshot

Mike McFall

VMT Mentor
Entrepreneur and Advisor

Cathleen Reese headshot

Cathleen Reese

VMT Mentor
Human Resources Executive

Vinay Gandhi headshot

Vinay Gandhi

VMT Mentor
Founder & CEO, Florida Social Capital

Andreas Rothe headshot

Andreas Rothe

VMT Mentor
Partner/CFO, Performance Partners LLC

Harun Duzgoren headshot

Harun Duzgoren

VMT Mentor
Chief Commerical Officer, Subsea Global Solutions, LLC

Yogesh Pandey headshot

Yogesh Pandey

VMT Mentor
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Office Depot

Jim Sheen headshot

Jim Sheen

Founding Mentor
Software Products & Strategy

Bill Nass 2

Bill Nass

VMT Mentor
Investor, Consultant and Advisor, William Nass

Roger Hoss

Roger Hoss

VMT Membership Committee
President, Design & Company

Mike O'Donnell

Michael O'Donnell

VMT Mentor
Founder & CEO,

Keshni Morar

Keshni Morar

VMT Mentor
Director, Founder Institute

Natasha Singh

Natasha Singh

VMT Mentor
VP, Strategic Alliances, U.S. Bank

David Daffner

David Daffner

VMT Mentor
Vice President, Managed Services Taylor Corporation

Crystal Stiles

Crystal Stiles

VMT Mentor
Senior Director, Economic Development